(The lesser known and heretofore unpublished prequil to "Casey At The Bat")

Mudville had a baseball team
And Casey was its star.
He drew a fancy salary
And drove a shiny car.

But money wasn't everything
As Casey's brother knew.
Jaybee was his brother's name
CL airplanes he flew.

Now with the baseball strike and all,
The baseball fans grew thin.
So Mudville fans turned out to cheer
Someone else on to win.

You got it, Jaybee was their man,
They watched him fly each night.
And as each day he did improve,
They cheered his every flight.

When Jaybee journeyed to the Nats,
He knew this was his year.
And half of Mudville joined the trip,
To give their man a cheer.

His first three days of flying, he
Was flawless every day.
For Jaybee made each cut with ease.
To think he'd lose...No way!

He qualified for finals day.
On "Top Five Day" he'd fly.
Their hero nothing now could stop.
All Mudville's hopes were high.

Well, Hunt flew first--a flawless flight.
It would be hard to beat.
Then Walker flew his "Seventeen"
Those engines sounded sweet.

Then Fancher flew his latest ship.
How tightly it did turn.
Its going to take a super flight
This Walker Cup to earn.

But Jaybee was up to the task
His takeoff, it was great.
His loops were perfect, no compaint,
So was his figure eight.

He entered in the hourglass,
He flew his plane up high.
It turned each corner sharply as
It flew across the sky.

It headed for that final turn,
Oh how the crowd was pleased,
But as it neared the bottom--Now!
'Twas then that Jaybee sneezed!

Oh, somewhere in this great wide world
The Sun is shining bright.
Somewhere in this world of ours
Another plane takes flight.

But Jaybee's plane won't fly again.
All Mudville's hopes were dashed.
At the bottom of that hourglass,
Jaybee's plane has crashed.