(Part Deaux)

by Leonard Neumann

(Hey, we couldn't just leave him there pouring his tears out into that pile of crumpled balsa, now, could we?)

When Jaybee crashed on finals day,
It shattered Mudville's dream.
They'd hoped he'd win the Nationals,
Then make the world's stunt team.

But Jaybee didn't win that day,
While flying in the breeze.
He crashed while in the hourglass,
'Cause he was forced to sneeze.

To win the Nats was Jaybee's dream,
That somehow slipped away,
And with that crash all hope seemed gone,
To fly another day.

But don't give up, ye Mudville fans,
For Jaybee isn't through.
He'll soon be flying once again,
With airplane number two!

Our Jaybee has another plane
About to take the sky.
He's built this plane quite carefuly
To fly in F.A.I.

A Stuka this, his latest ship.
The plans were in "Stunt News".
It's tried and tested, it can fly,
And wipe away his blues.

So when the world's stunt trials came,
Jaybee was there to fly.
He hoped to make the U.S. team,
And fly in FAI.

All Mudville came to cheer him on.
They formed a mighty crowd.
And every time that Jaybee flew,
Their voices rang out loud.

Well, Jaybee flew on Saturday,
and made the final eight.
Some flew with muf'lers, some with pipes.
The mix sure made it great.

When Sunday's first two flights were flown,
The field was bunched up tight.
It now would all depend upon
Who'd make the best third flight.

What luck! Jaybee was last to fly.
But could he beat the score
Of sev'n of those who flew that day --
Of sev'n who flew before?

It looked like he was up to it
His take off, it was great.
His loops were round, his squares were tight,
A mighty figure eight.

His best flight ever up 'till now,
What more could people say?
The way he's flying this last flight,
This could be Jaybee's day.

But now, the dreaded hourglass,
Again, the sun was high.
The plane would cross its path again
A flying 'cross the sky.

And flying through the sun could bring
A flyer to his knees.
'Twas flying through the sun before,
That caused Jaybee to sneeze.

But Jaybee wouldn't sneeze this day.
He held the handle tight.
With firm resolve he made the turn
At just the five foot height.

Then to the "Overhead"he flew,
The "topside" figure eight.
'Twas nothing less than marvelous.
His flying, it was great!

He finished up the clover and,
He landed on the deck.
The crowd roared its approval, for
They knew Jaybee was back.

Well, all the Flying now is o'er.
It's done. It's at its end...
This competition pitting friend
Against another friend.

What's left is just the "waiting game"
To see who fills his dream.
To see which three are scored the best
And thus will make the team.

Oh, somewhere in this wide, wide world
We know the sun shines bright.
Somewhere another modeler
Prepares his plane for flight.

Another contest held somewhere
Will soon again begin.
And with it there's a truth to learn:
We cannot always win.

So this is where the story ends,
Before the scores we see.
There's none of us who'll ever know
How fared our dear Jaybee.

It matters not how Jaybee fared
Compared against the rest.
What matters most to Mudville's fans
Is Jaybee's done his best.