By Leonard Neumann

(Here's the reason Jaybee wasn't seen at the Nats this year.)

When the contest season ended
And the flying all was done,
Jaybee counted up the trophies
That he had that summer won.

And as he looked upon the plane
That carried him the season through,
He knew the time had fin'ly come
For him to build another new.

So dusting off his workbench, he
Did spread the plans out thereupon,
Only then to hear his wife
Say "Jaybee, please, go mow the lawn."

The grass did not look bad to him.
He thought he still could let it go.
But if he mowed it one more time,
This should the last time be to mow.

In truth it really wasn't bad,
For all the time that it did take,
But then the leaves began to fall,
And so the leaves he had to rake.

"Jaybee, the g'rage needs cleaning and
You can't go flying anyway...
And there's more leaves to rake again,
But you can build another day."

The bedroom walls need painting now.
New paper's needed in the hall.
"And while you're cleaning up your shop,
Please, hang your tools up on the wall."

The snow that fell all through the night
Calls me to shovel now outside.
Sometimes with all these little tasks
I'd like to run away and hide.

December wasn't time to build.
I had to hang the lights around.
And you know how the winter goes...
Fresh snow keeps falling on the ground.


Now spring is here and winter's gone.
It's time again to mow the lawn,
To spade the garden, plant the seeds,
Then grab the hoe and till the weeds.

My friends who see me all ask why
I don't go to the field and fly.
I tell them that I've got a reason:
This really ain't the flying season!

If only I could tell the truth.
This isn't like my misspent youth,
When I could do most what I please,
And build a plane or two with ease.

The truth be told, I'm broken hearted,
Never got my new plane started.
Every time I wanted to,
'Twas always something else to do.

But maybe sometime in July,
When all the rest go out to fly,
I'll fin'ly in my workshop find
The time to cut and sand and grind.

And maybe if I do it right,
And labor long into the night.
I'll fin'ly get my new plane done
Somewhere around December 1.