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That It Is Too Windy To Fly

10. When you have to bungee your kids to the flight box. Come to think of it, that's not a bad idea. (Thanks to Peter Hunt.)

9. When the Piper Cub parked next to the flying site begins to pull the tie downs out of the pavement. (Thanks to Randall Powell.)

8. When you point your plane into the wind and the engine starts without your even touching the prop.

7. When you launch your plane into the wind and it backs up for take-off.

6. When your plane backs up after you launch and tries to get intimate with your coach. (Thanks to Bill Netzeband.)

5. When you take off and before you know it you are all wrapped up in your flying. (Thanks to Will Simcock.)

4. When your 1/2 A mouse racer does the entire AMA stunt pattern by accident. (Thanks to Currell L. Pattie.)

3. When you suddenly discover you've designed a very poor flying canard. (Thanks to Currell L. Pattie.)

2. When, as you pull up to your flying site, a ruffled little girl suddenly appears, saying over and over to her dog, "Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore."

And the number one sign is:

1. When Helen Hunt roars up in a pick-up, drops off a big machine in your pit area, and roars off again. (Thanks to Tom and Ruth Kenyon.)

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